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Finance System design

Most companies doesn’t have a proper financial reporting system. They will recognize this problem after many years of operation. The system starts from proper documentation and filling to report generating. If companies doesn’t have a proper documentation system to simplest, it has adverse effect on the report generated and also result in huge tax fines. Hence, we can design a client based financial system and implement for them.

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In-sourcing finance department activities of clients

We in-source finance department of clients and assign our professional staffs at their office. We produce financial report monthly. This service will give assurance for our clients as they work with a professional company instead of an individual.

Tax consulting

Most company’s financial report will result in large Audit tax amount when they get audited by tax office and this is because they didn’t have tax consultant. Even though they have a finance department team, they need to have a tax consultant who overlook the tax risks of the company timely to suggest a corrective measure before the period ends. For some companies it is costly to have a tax consultant permanently, however, they can outsource once in a year before the report submitted to tax office to get pre-tax audit review. This is a service which is done before a tax audit started for a company to identify the risk areas and take a measure. It also help Companies to plan ahead for tax payables. These service will have a material cash flow management advantage for a Company

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

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IFRS implementation and subsequent follow up

We implement IFRS for first time adopters and consult them for subsequent follow up. We implement by ourselves fully or we consult for companies implement by themselves.
Note that, full IFRS is mandatory requirement to participate in the upcoming Stock Market which will be managed by Ethiopian Stock Market Authority (ESMA).

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IFRS, Ethiopian tax system and financial reporting trainings

We, with our individual and company training partners, give IFRS, Ethiopian tax system and financial reporting trainings for companies and individuals who come in group.

Backlog clearance for long outstanding receivable and payable,

As a result of finance staff turnover, the history of receivables and payables will lost and they can’t be easily traceable. We take subcontract for clearing long outstanding receivable and payable to depict the company’s real receivable and payable. Besides, this service will enhance the company’s working capital.

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Business valuation and Start-up consulting

For Companies who need Business valuation for equity financers or any purpose and for Companies/Investors who need to be consulted for start-ups, we give a knowledgeable consulting.

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Annual Financial report preparation

For small companies who need to produce financial reports once in a year, we produce annual financial reports with high quality.

Finance staff recruitment and many more

Some companies need to recruit a finance staff simply by human resource officer. However, a finance staff need to be interviewed or examined by a finance professional. For companies who need us to be presented on their recruitment process, we will give a screening and recruitment service.